An all-new rewards experience with Wishlist is here.

It’s an exciting time for our company — our rapid growth has brought new clients, new teammates, and has landed us a spot on the Inc 5000 list of fastest-growing companies in the United States. Yet despite the growth, we are hungry to make an even bigger impact.


Today, our CEO, Dan Kasper, is proud to announce our updated software and brand.


“The growth Wishlist has seen over the past three years is merely the tip of the iceberg. Our rebrand and platform overhaul is the inception of major changes we will be leading to the entire Rewards and Recognition space.”

Dan Kasper, CEO of Wishlist

The concept and industry of rewards and recognition has completely changed over the past few years. The rewards and software that were successful in the past just aren’t cutting it today. We are committed to being a pioneer in the rewards and recognition evolution, and this update is a great representation of that.

Our new brand represents our company perfectly. The Wishlist balloon represents our love for experiences and adventure. The slight tilt in the balloon represents the commitment we have to always move forward and be a pioneer in our industry. Finally, the star mark within the balloon represents the purpose of everything we do: appreciation.

We cleaned up our rewards software to better fit the modern employer. The admin interface is much simpler. The rewards marketplace is easier to navigate and has hundreds of new experiences. We designed the product in a manner that will make the launch of another new and exciting product seamless in early 2020.

Yes, a new product is coming soon! We can’t say much right now, but it will make employee appreciation an even bigger component of our product. To say we are excited is an understatement.

We are on a mission to make employees feel more appreciated. These updates are the first step toward a much bigger impact, and we can’t wait for the journey ahead.


“Change is a part of all our lives, the question is will we lead the change or follow it?   The new Wishlist is the defining standard of what technology and people can accomplish together.”

Dan Kasper, CEO of Wishlist