Employee recognition isn’t something to wait on. Deploy these 5 recognition principles to start appreciating your team today.

WorkPlaceInsight recently released an alarming study that shows only 45% of Americans actually feel appreciated at work. With an estimate that there are over 150,000,000 Americans in the workforce, that means over 70,000,000 people go to work every single day feeling unnoticed, undervalued, and dispassionate.

Though technology keeps evolving and conventional practices are slowly fading out of our modern organizations, many companies are still trapped in this traditional idea.

Why do I need to thank my employees for doing something that they were hired to do?

This is a dangerous mindset to have – and since you are reading this, you understand the importance of recognizing your employees.

The 5 principles you need to start your employee recognition program in 2020.

While we believe in the power of creating a recognition strategy, the best thing you can do for your employees is to start recognizing today. Put some time on your calendar to create a more intentional recognition strategy, but follow these 5 simple principles to start recognizing today.

Principle 1 – Recognize celebrations.

Take the first step towards an appreciative culture by rallying your team together to celebrate new babies, new houses, new marriages, new pets, etc. Employees want to feel safe enough to appreciate each other, so start by taking baby steps.

Principle 2 – Notice & recognize the day-to-day efforts.

Look at the value employees are bringing to the business and to your customers. Measure what your employees are doing on a daily basis. Reward and recognize quality, quantity and satisfaction based on these metrics.

Principle 3 – Show gratitude directly & personally.

Recognition should come directly from the manager or director of that specific team, so make time to train those managers on how to appreciate their teams well. Your appreciation should be personal, specific and timely.

Principle 4 – Thank employees frequently.

This one is simple: an employee shouldn’t have to wait until the end of the year to learn that they are valued and noticed by their peers and superiors.

Principle 5 – Invest in a rewards & recognition software.

Investing in a rewards and recognition tool not only takes the nitty-gritty work off of your desk, but it keeps appreciation on everyone’s mind. By using this tool successfully, you will start to see increased engagement and appreciation in your organization. To learn more about this type of software, click here.

Change the trajectory of your company culture & join us in this movement of appreciation!