Wishlist FAQ

What you should know about your reward.

What is a Wishlist reward?

A Wishlist reward is a token of gratitude sent to you by your employer.

How does Wishlist work?

When you receive a Wishlist reward, you will gain access to our marketplace of experiential rewards all around the U.S. These rewards give you access and credit to the Wishlist marketplace. Everything you see is available for you to select and experience on behalf of your employer.

I lost my reward, what do I do?

You can resend your rewards by using our reward lookup tool.

When does my reward expire?

Wishlist rewards never expire.

I have already selected a reward, can I switch to a different one?

You can exchange your activity for another of the same value. You may also upgrade to a different package and pay the difference. Contact our support team at support@enjoywishlist.com and we can help you out.

What happens if I cancel my Wishlist activity reservation?

Once Wishlist has completed your booking request, you may reschedule your reservation so long as you adhere to the vendor’s rescheduling policy. Changes to your reservation must be done directly with your vendor. A complete cancellation of your booking may result in the loss of your Wishlist gift. To learn more or to get access to your vendor’s contact information, reach out to us at support@enjoywishlist.com.

Can I add someone to my Wishlist experience?

Yes! When completing your booking, make sure to add a note that you’d like to add an individual and the booking concierge will make sure to help facilitate your request.

Are there any additional costs to my Wishlist experience?

Upgrades are available but never required. Common upgrades include adding more people to your experience, extending time, or adding more services to your experience.

I have multiple Wishlist rewards, can I combine them?

Generally speaking, you are able to combine your rewards but only if they match very specific criteria. Contact support@enjoywishlist.com to learn whether your reward is eligible for combining.