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Employee recognition strategy: the secret to employee engagement.

The secret to employee engagement? Create an employee recognition strategy! By defining the essential ingredients to your recognition program, you will be on your way to higher retention, more productivity and a captivating employer brand.

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Will you be intentional or reactive?

Your employee recognition strategy is not the time to be reactive. This will lead to reinforcing and encouraging the wrong behaviors. Define your recognition program with intention so that your organization is aligned on your recognition strategy.

After downloading and completing this template, you will have…
  1. Defined goals for your recognition strategy
  2. Identified the values, performance and milestones that are recognition and reward worthy
  3. Defined how recognition will show up and the programs you will put in place to facilitate each one
  4. Put together a budget for your recognition program
  5. Developed a clear understanding of the steps necessary to launch your program

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