Recognize employees, achieve business goals

Develop an engaged company culture that drives toward your high-priority goals by recognizing employees who focus on key company objectives and core values.

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New recognition!
From Irene Hall
@Vincet Iam I love the new feature design you created on mobile!
#bememorable #buildthehouse
Recognition Simplified
Creating a work life that you love is an ever-evolving cycle. Simplify the process with Wishlist.
Define your high-priority actions

We’ll help you define the actions you want to emphasize.

Identify the actions in real-time

Using AI, we help managers and HR teams identify the high-value actions.

Act with rewards and recognition

Provide a reward or recognition on the spot to show appreciation for a job well done.

Refine over time

Customize a program that best suits your company.


Strengthen employee-to-employee bonds through individual recognition. This helps employees feel connected to one another, especially in our increasingly remote environments.

Recognition and
retention go

Regular recognition helps employees stay engaged. Employees who are recognized once a week are 39% less likely to leave their job compared to those who are recognized once a year.

Tie recognition to what matters

Recognize employees for aligning with business priorities, such as core values, business objectives, and performance goals.

Jordan receives 5 star reviews
Jordan receives 5 star reviews
Jordans continues to receive 5 star reviews from the customers he supports over chat. Recognize Jordan for stellar customer service, a key business objective.
Sheila identifies a bug in product
Sheila identifies a bug in product
Sheila catches a critical bug in the latest version of the company’s software. Recognize Sheila for her incredible diligence, one of the company’s core values.
Alex presents with confidence
Alex presents with confidence
Alex delivers an incredible presentation to the E-team on complex data insights, overcoming their fear of public speaking and achieving an individual performance goal.
Built into your

Wishlist integrates with Slack and Teams to make it easy to recognize employees within your current workflows.