Spotlight company goals with Spot Rewards

With Spot Rewards, companies set aside rewards for specific core values, actions, and goals. This helps employees stay focused on larger company initiatives while receiving valuable recognition.



Jill Austin sent you a reward.

Performance Reward

Company Values that apply to this reward
Work Anniversary
Deliver real-time recognition with AI

Define the values, actions, and goals that your company wants to recognize. Wishlist then uses AI to help managers identify those desired actions, making it even easier to reward employees on the spot for a job well done.

Focus on the actions that fuel your business

Performance reward programs shine a light on your rockstar employees and the actions that push your business forward.

Amy exceeds the enterprise sales goal
Amy exceeds the enterprise sales goal
Amy crushes her enterprise sales goal for the quarter, a major initiative for the company. Send Amy a pre-set reward for achieving company goals.
Greg leads by example
Greg leads by example
Greg leads the team through a challenging project, providing much-needed encouragement. Give Greg a reward for his leadership.
Hannah demonstrates a core value
Hannah demonstrates a core value
Hannah has “worn the customer’s shoes,” embodying one of the company’s values for a challenging customer. Recognize Hannah with a reward pre-set for the core value.
New recognition!
@Amy Maxwell Way to go above and beyond and crush your sales goal! Here’s a reward to say thank you.
Set worry-free budgets

Reward budgets can be set for anyone in the organization, by managers or at the department level. This ensures your program costs are contained and makes managers more consistently rewarding employees.

Set budget for:
Cynthia Neal
Recurring Budget
Manual budget
How do you prefer to be recognized?
Select your individual gifting preferences

Employees can select their preferences to choose the types of rewards most meaningful to them and how they prefer to be recognized, privately or publicly.

Create a personal gifting experience

Take the worry out of gift selection by using the employee’s selected preferences to send a reward you know your employee will love.

Greg loves to cook
Greg loves to cook
When Greg knocks his sales goal for the quarter out of the park, send him a cooking class or a cooking kit.
Amy has a sweet tooth
Amy has a sweet tooth
Amy consistently shows incredible positivity and is a great source of morale, recognize her with a box of chocolates.
Hannah has a green thumb
Hannah has a green thumb
Hannah has gone above and beyond for a challenging client, show your appreciation by sending her a succulent box for her desk.